About Me


My name is Annabel Flores. I’ve been photographing people, places, and events for over 15 years. I am a former Army Veteran and currently follow my spouse around as an Amy Wife. I love photographing anything and everything, especially my kids…much to their chagrin! I really love doing photography in which ever state I find myself at. I have met so many wonderful families during my ravels! I love trying new photographic ventures. I currently do a lot of ¬†location portraits, but also really enjoy playing around in the studio, primarily if it requires some costumes! When Im not out in the town doing a photo shoot, I spend much of¬†on my time on my computer doing some image retouching and restoring. I find a great sense of accomplishment when I bring old pictures back to life. I am a huge fan of anything vintage or antique. I feel that a large part of my image include my children, especially my Daughter who is Autistic and Visually Impaired. I really love working with Families of special needs children who want a great family picture, but need a patient understanding photographer. I’d like to be that photographer for you!

I’m excited to help you out with your photographic needs, lets make your vision come to life!