Arizona Stars

At first sight, this image isn’t spectacular, it won’t win any awards or cause any one to stop for a second look. It’s over processed, and needs an element of “so what” in it. To me, this picture marks an important milestone, the day I fell in love with astrophotography.

It was taken on a hilltop in southern Arizona, away from the pollution of light from the nearby town of Sierra Vista. The moment my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I looked up, I almost lost my breath at how deep and speckled with stars the night sky was. An impossible sight to explain unless you have had the opportunity to observe the stars with no moon and no ambient light to obstruct the view.

Since then, I have taken every opportunity I have from my busy life to go out and shoot. Even if it’s only from my backyard. I have to tell myself to stop, and just do it. Life will always find a way of keeping you from what you want to do, from what you find peace in doing, be it big or small. I tell you now, do it, there is no better time than now. Happy shooting!

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