Painted by Light

It seems these days I find it harder to get out. Maybe it’s the Covid-19 chaos, maybe confinement has begun to take its toll. It just seems that as the year comes closer to closing, it’s gotten a little harder to focus on the good, which I think leaves some of us drained. These are the last few images of the Milky-way I got of 2020, as it has begun to fall behind the western horizon for the winter evenings. I must wait until next year (march time frame) early morning to catch it again. Perhaps with a renewed thirst, and hopefully with life a little more “back to normal”. If you haven’t yet tried to shoot the milky way, I encourage you to practice with the stars and prep for next year, but I warn you, it’s addicting. if you want some inspiration, check out Stan Moniz, an incredible photographer and SONY ambassador! Enjoy!

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