The Unrestricted Lens

Thats right, even seasoned photographers sometimes forget the basics, like having an extra memory card or charging your batteries. There I was, prepared with my Canon 5D Mark III, filters set, trigger hooked up, tripod seated and waiting. When I go for the test shot, I realize I forgot my memory card. Driving 15 minutes back to the house was not an option, the moment was at hand, and if you’ve ever sat and waited for that golden hour when the sun shoots amazing light into the sky, you know its a fleeting moment. I reached for my smart phone, held my 77mm ND filter to the camera on my phone and took some shots. 

It’s one of my favorite images of Arizona. You don’t need a fancy expensive camera and equipment to go capture a moment or a scene. Use what you have! Whats important is that you get out and do it! 

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